"What happens to all the clever little girls?"

The face that launched a thousand ships finally gets to speak.Meet Helen, before Troy, in this feminist retelling of the Ancient Greek epic. Witness her divine beginnings (yes, she did hatch from an egg!), her youth as a Spartan warrior, her fateful decision to leave her husband, and finally the decade of brutal war and destruction that follows.That Witch Helen blends myth, movement, and storytelling to give Helen of Troy, one of history’s most hated women, a chance to tell her own story.

Written by Catie Ridewood
Directed by Janette Eddisford
Performed by Catie Ridewood, Lorraine Yu, and Sophia Mastrosavaki
Tech by Erin Burbridge

Photos: Peter Williams - Brighton Fringe 2024


FringeReview Must See Show

"That Witch Helen really is a ‘Must-See’ show. If you’re a classicist – if you’re a feminist – or if you just love powerful performances, catch the show."
- Strat Mastoris, FringeReview

"Eddisford directs three athletic, elemental creatures, with powerful voice and physical presence, Yu and Mastrosavaki’s shifting transformations led by Ridewood’s visceral powerhouse Helen.
Ridewood's writing blends and contrasts the stylised formal language and presentation of Greek theatre, with naturalistic teen girl dialogue and free spirited larking about."
- Philippa Hammond, Sussex Playwrights Reviews

"This cast of three take on a very production values-heavy performance and never stumble once [...] At every point Helen is made into a believable character, sometimes deciding for herself, sometimes swept along by events outside her control."
- Chris Neville-Smith, Chris on Theatre


The full-length play premiered at Brighton Fringe 2024 with a sold-out run at the Lantern Theatre.

Brighton Fringe
23 - 25 May 2024


Excerpts of That Witch Helen have been performed at Scratch/Meet in Brighton, the Nothing 2 Perform Scratch Night at the Glitch in London, and at the FemFest Scratch Night in Brighton.

Photo: Alix - FemFest Scratch Night

Photo: Alix - FemFest Scratch Night

Photo: Julia Dray - Nothing 2 Perform Scratch Night

Photo: Julia Dray - Nothing 2 Perform Scratch Night

Photo: Amanda Hallam Lane - Scratch/Meet

Photo: Amanda Hallam Lane - Scratch/Meet